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Hunting Partner by TheModerator Hunting Partner by TheModerator
Thanks to :icondeltios: for this idea.

Before you mouth off, YES, this image is 'shopped, and YES, there are a few continuity errors (Internets to whoever lists them in the comments).

The use of raptors* for hunting is a practice that has been in place for thousands of years. The majority of the time, they are used as the sole method of capture, however, other weapons may be used in conjunction, such as the more traditional bow and arrow. I got the idea for this one after Deltios mentioned me having a hunting partner. I hate people (too noisy and stupid), but both eons are more 'raptor' than 'dragon' like, so it is conceivable they would be useful in either the retrieval or the initial capture of prey. So I decided to try and re-image what this would look like.

I think it went OK, but I could have done a lot better. I'll probably revisit this theme, possibly with the other lati. I dunno, so you best let me know in the comments.

Model is Copyright Nintendo, available here [… ] along with over 500 other pokemon models.
Model rigged and posed in blender, inserted into the image using GIMP.
Yes I vignetted it, it makes it more real, shut up :/
I'm the hunter striking the hella awkward pose, so if you'd like to copy/parody this, you're fine to do so, just let me know where it's going :)

*a 'raptor' is the technical name for any bird of prey, NOT, as some people thought, a dinosaur.
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PhoenixFireBlaze Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Still looking for dem continuity errors.
TheModerator Featured By Owner 1 day ago
1) My hunting arrows have a 2 black 1 white fletching arrangement (those fins at the back of the arrow)
2) I have my hood up even though the weather was a tropical 21 degrees. I'm way too hot, as indicated by the severe vasodilation on my left hand
3) Stance is all wrong for shooting. My arm would be at a yaw of about 75 degrees relative to my chest here. Ideal firing pose is 90.
4) If I put my knife on my left side, I'd probably end up catching it with the bowstring when I fire. When I'm actually out and about, it's on my right.
5) Latios' lighting does match the lighting on me and the surrounding scenery.

Just a few for you ;)
Wait I thought continuity errors were like "The lighting on Latios is from the left while the lighting from the real scene is from the right" or something like that. Also wouldn't that jacket be bad for hunting because the long sleeves would get in the way of your flexibility (like drawing the arrow or somthin).
TheModerator Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
Well, yeah, you're right. I suppose that should read "reality errors".

Tbh, that hoodie is one of my favourites for hunting. The sleeves are narrow and when I tense my muscles (as happens when I draw back) they fill out nicely and it's very rare that any part of it gets in the way. It's nice and warm, it looks and feels traditional, and it's easy to clean.

I normally only have one shot at something, and since I keep an arrow nocked, it can't get in the way of quick-reloading, if that's what you're thinking ;)
PhoenixFireBlaze Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Actually I just noticed a past comment on this post about using luster purge on animals and brutally destroying them. It reminds me about how my classmate EXPLODED their rabbit. Have you ever exploded an animal?
TheModerator Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
... I can safely say I have never exploded another animal. I know they CAN if you leave them dead a while, but that's not exactly a healthy thing to do.

Occasionally if I hit something particularly small/not very dense, the arrow would literally pass right through it and leave a mess that looks for all intents and purposes like it's exploded.

To put in some scale; an arrow travels at half the speed as a bullet, but can be four to eight times the weight. Momentum equals velocity times mass, and that means that your average arrow will carry two to four times the power of a bullet. Arrow heads are also bigger than bullets, so you generally transfer more of that force to the target. Summery: Bullets make really neat holes and really messy exit wounds. Arrows make a messy entry and either stay stuck in, or go right through and make a mess the entire time they're doing it. If you have a small/thin target, it can separate it in to two pieces, explosion style.
8bakon8 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was wondering why there were so many examples of Latios' model  at ROE  studios. this explains it.
Anyway i don't post much here, however i just rigged a Sawk model and posted a screen. i was wondering where ROE studios was on deviant art.
do you represent the website?
TheModerator Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Well, the website represents me. was taken and I didn't really want to plaster my name everywhere, so I chose something which looked cool, but professional :)
8bakon8 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ahhhh alright well it does. the work you do looks like a team effort. 
i'm assuming everything you do on there is you and only you alone?
TheModerator Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
Pretty much.
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